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cucumber x tarragon 4-pack


crisp and refreshing, cucumber x tarragon is a staff favorite. terrific on its own or with a splash of gin. your order includes four 32oz growler bottles of cucumber x tarragon rachel's ginger beer. shipped in a refrigerated box.

*Price includes refrigerated box.

The shipping cost of our Ginger Beer is going to be much higher than average shipping costs, due to the fact that our product must be kept cold and shipped in a custom refrigerated box. Ginger Beer must be shipped with 2-day service. We make shipments every Wednesday on orders received by Monday 10pm PST.

Our Ginger Beer is handcrafted in Seattle, Washington. Ingredients: water, lemon, ginger, organic sugar

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of our Ginger Beer. However, if there is an issue or discrepancy with your order, please contact us at