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Does Ginger Beer Contain Alcohol?

Nope! Ginger beer is similar to root beer: beer is only in the name, not the product. There is no alcohol in Rachel's Ginger Beer. RGB is not fermented, and does not contain yeast.

How is Ginger Beer made?

RGB is a fresh soda. we juice ginger and lemons, add a small portion of organic sugar, and combine with purified sparkling water. for the flavors, we use fruit purees and juices, teas, and herbs.

Do you ship overseas?

Since RGB is a fresh soda and must be shipped refrigerated, international and overseas shipping are not possible at this time.

When will my order ship?

We ship every Tuesday, so that your RGB will arrive before the weekend. We use either 2- or 3-day shipping methods, depending on distance. Of course, once it leaves our production facility, it's up to FedEx and the weather. We partner with PeriShip, a company that monitors our perishable shipments and works hand-in-hand with FedEx to make sure your RGB arrives safe and sound. You may hear from PeriShip, rather than RGB, if there are bumps along the way. 

Why does shipping RGB cost so much?

RGB must stay cold to ensure quality, and must be shipped to your door as quickly as possible. This means we ship 2- or 3-day only, and have to use a custom cold-shipping box (that thing is expensive!). We have worked with FedEx to get the very best possible rates, but whenever the rates are higher than we hoped, we will pay for any shipping costs above $20/box.

How should I store my RGB?

RGB must be stored refrigerated. Upon arrival, we recommend you put it right in the fridge. Before serving, be sure to give the bottle a gentle swirl to mix all of the tasty ingredients.

How long does RGB last?

Keeping in mind that RGB must be refrigerated, an unopened bottle will keep for 4 weeks. Once opened, we recommend you consume within a week. The more tightly you re-cap it, and the colder your fridge, the longer an opened bottle will last.

Mixing Ginger Beer with alcohol?

If you are old enough to enjoy an adult beverage, we highly suggest pairing our tasty brew with the liquor of your choice. Check out our recipe collection here: https://rachelsgingerbeer.com/pages/recipes

Does RGB contain gluten, yeast, soy, dairy, or eggs?

None of the above! The Original flavor RGB contains ginger, lemon, organic cane sugar, and water. For the special flavors we add only the juices, purees, teas, or herbs shown in the name, so the flavors you see are what you'll find in the bottle.