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Does Ginger Beer Contain Alcohol?

Nope! Ginger beer is similar to root beer: beer is only in the name, not the product. There is no alcohol in Rachel's Ginger Beer. RGB is not fermented, and does not contain yeast.

How is Ginger Beer made?

RGB is a fresh soda. we juice ginger and lemons, add a small portion of organic sugar, and combine with purified sparkling water.

Do you ship overseas?

Since RGB is a fresh soda and must be shipped refrigerated, overseas shipping is not possible at this time.

Why does shipping RGB cost so much?

RGB must stay cold to ensure quality, and must be shipped to your door as quickly as possible. This means we have to use a special refrigerated box when shipping, and that thing is expensive! You could always just make a trip to Seattle, and stop by our Pike Place location!

How should I store my RGB?

RGB must be stored refrigerated. Make sure to give the bottle a little stir to mix all of the tasty ingredients.

How long does RGB last?

Keeping in mind that RGB must be refrigerated, an unopened bottle will keep for 4 weeks. Once opened, we recommend you consume within a week.

Mixing Ginger Beer with alcohol?

If you are old enough to enjoy an adult beverage, we highly suggest pairing our tasty brew with the liquor of your choice. 

Does RGB contain gluten, yeast, soy, dairy, or eggs?

None of the above! The Original flavor RGB contains ginger, lemon, organic cane sugar, and water. For the special flavors we add only the fruit juices, teas, or purees shown in the name, so the flavors you see are what you'll find in the bottle.