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cranberry x pomegranate RGB? your holiday party is stoked.

team rgb has officially surrendered to winter. but hey, we’re not complaining, it’s time for warmer gear, crackling fires, football (GO HAWKS) and hot bowls of soup with heartily buttered homemade bread (in our dreams).

another reason to be excited about winter? cranberry x pomegranate RGB is coming soon to our Pike Place Market flagship and farmers markets.

we’re all about cranberries right now, they’re healthful, tart, and make a smart addition to holiday cocktails (especially in RGB form). then again, we’re probably just amped because we’re getting killer berries from our often collaborators: local organic cranberry producer Starvation Alley, Washington’s first certified organic cranberry farm. like many of our partnerships, this one was born at the University District Farmer’s Market, where Starvation Alley sells their raw juice and organic cranberries.

fun fact: cranberries grow in bogs (we’re sure some of you knew that, but it’s a pretty wild right?). since we have such nutrient rich marshlands, Washington state is one of the largest cranberry producers in the country. Starvation Alley were big innovators in bringing the organic cranberry back to Washington, right on!

a favorite of our RGB special flavors, cranberry x pomegranate is a dear friend to holiday cocktails (and mocktails). take your cocktail to the next level with super minimal effort on your part with this simple cocktail (only three ingredients). this leaves time for more important things like changing your sweater and intervening with uncouth guests before they kill the vibe (give them one of these or call them a cab, you’ll know what’s right but one will always work).

cranberry x pomegranate x bubbles, oh my!

fill a champagne flute with sparkling wine like cava, top it off with as much cranberry x pomegranate RGB as you see fit.

keep it simple with a thick lemon peel for garnish.

continue to adjust proportions as you see fit throughout the evening, watch the goodtimes roll.

 speaking of people who love snacks, win any holiday potluck by adding cranberry x pomegranate RGB to any your favorite holiday recipes for a dose of effervescent ginger, tart cranberry, and bright, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate. it also makes great cranberry sauce, like POW right in the kisser!

another fun fact: foods rich in phenolics (like the flavonoids in cranberries) are associated with reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and inflammation*.*rachel is not a doctor, but RGB is what the doctor ordered, so honestly at this point we’re just splitting hairs.

find cranberry x pomegranate RGB soon at our flagship store in pike place market, or as the seasonal flavor at our market stands:

University District Farmer’s Market: Saturday 9am-2pm

Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market: Sunday 11am-3pm

we'll announce the arrival of cranberry x pomegranate on facebook and instagram (@rgbsoda), so keep an eye out friends.

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