$25 nationwide flat-rate shipping per 4-pack


dear future wholesale partners:

we sincerely appreciate your interest in serving rachel’s ginger beer. here you’ll find most of the information you’ll need to get started.
rgb is sold as 12oz bottles, 24/cs, of original recipe, blood orange rgb, and pink guava rgb.  the case price is $70 (original) and $82 (blood orange & pink guava). we are available through 3 distributors:

  • Merlino's Fine Foods
  • Crown Pacific
  • DPI

we bottle rgb tuesdays, and our distributors pick up on wednesdays. this means you receive extremely fresh product. 

rgb’s fresh nature is what makes it unique and delicious. not only is it void of fillers and preservatives, the contents are under pressure. a friendly reminder: rgb must be refrigerated at all times. it’s not just for quality control; it’s also a safety issue!  
kept refrigerated, rgb will hold for 6 weeks. before serving, be sure to swirl gently to get that delicious ginger & lemon sediment properly balanced.

we realize our success is largely thanks to small, local operations like yours. we hope to contribute to the success of your business as well.

all the best,

rachel and adam